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Shri Nitish Kumar
Hon'ble Chief Minister, Bihar

Shri Sanjay Kumar Jha
Hon'ble Minister, WRD, Bihar

Shri Sanjeev Hans, I.A.S. (97)
Secretary, WRD, Bihar

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Office: 0612-2217649

No. of Visitors: 1

Water Resources Department, formerly known as Irrigation Department, is one of the major establishments of Government of Bihar. It protects the right of State in sharing Water of Inter State Rivers/Basins. The fields of operations of Water Resources Department are construction, maintenance and regulation of Major and Medium Irrigation Schemes, Flood Control, Drainage Systems, Command Area Development and Water Management.

The responsibilities of Water Resources Department are as follow:-

  • Creation of irrigation potential and utilization of created potential through construction, maintenance and regulation of major and medium irrigation schemes.
  • Construction and maintenance of embankments, revetment in selected portions of river banks, land spurs and other necessary flood protection works.
  • Draining of water logged areas.
  • Providing optimum benefit of the major and medium irrigation projects to the beneficiaries committees through administrative control over Command Area Development Agencies.